The New Beta Climbing Designs

Welcome to the new Beta Climbing Designs! the same good old Beta really, it was just time for a facelift and a few changes. 

Beta Climbing Designs started working on remote clipping devices back in 2002, things have changed quite a bit since back then. Now, 16 years later, we have 12 staff, a busy office, an even busier workshop that produces thousands of BetaSticks a year, which are shipping to distributors and climbing shops all over the world. 

For those of you that work in the outdoor retail industry, you'll also be aware the Beta Climbing Designs has been the UK distributor for over 20 other climbing and ultra running brands. As of spring 2018, these will all move over to our newly titled sister company Beta Outdoor Sports.

Leaving the Beta Climbing Designs brand to do what it does best, focus on remote clipping products and the other climbing accessories such and tape and chalk. 

For those of you interested in the Beta Outdoor Sports brands, please visit