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NANOspikes are NEW for Autumn 2014 from Kahtoola - want a product that fits in a small bag (included) so you can take them on any winter walk, to the shops or out for a run and if you need them, they are ready. Quick and easy to put on over your shoes or trainers to help your traction on icy, slipery winter roads, pavements or paths.

We’ve created an entirely new kind of spike by moving tungsten carbide studs away from the foot and creating a stepped and tapered shock absorbing cleat around them. The tungsten carbide studs have superior wear resistance and produce an unrivalled bite into ice, while the steps on the cleat effectively engage all other types of terrain.

Durability and reliability have been optimized by holding the carbide studs in place with a lightweight aluminum anchor. Every detail has been considered for a design that absorbs shock, enhances comfort and increases durability.

Our over-moulded eyelet technology permanently fuses a stretchy and flexible elastomer material to a harder polymeric insert, greatly increasing durability.

Since we have utilized a plate system for performance and comfort, we also created a way to ensure that these plates stay securely in place on the shoe.  We’ve moulded in what we call Upward Traction - small cleats
that interface with the tread on a shoe that prevent movement between the plates and the shoe sole.  By using many cleats, grip to the shoe tread is plentiful and effective.  By keeping the cleats small, pressure points are avoided.

We’ve designed an integrated Snow Release system into the Traction plates by leaving the centre
of each Traction Plate flexible, which aids in snow shedding with each step.

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