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Trekking and Running Poles: For 10 years, Guidetti has been conceived the most innovative and easy to use products that all your expeditions are true moments of conviviality, combining authenticity and responsibility with the work of raw materials and a french quality production in the Grenoble region.
The Guidetti Storey:
• 1994: The idea of the automatic pole was founded - Pascal Guidetti was inspired by the locking system of an ironing board.• 2000: The "automatic pole" was patented.• 2004: The Guidetti Brothers company was founded - developing and selling hiking poles.• 2005: In the first year, 600 pairs of poles were sold. The first ones were made on the kitchen table. Then, the Guidetti Brothers company rented a 50m² barn in order to continue fabrication.• 2008: The Guidetti Brothers company bought a plastic injection company => producing the poles and plastic injection in the Chartreuse mountains of France.
2011: The Guidetti Brothers company expanded. The company implanted itself in Fontaine, at the foot of the Vercors mountains, establishing a new workshop - 17 000 pairs of poles were produced a year.• 2012: The Guidetti Brothers company was baught by G-Tech.• 2013: The company produces 17 000 pairs of poles, employing 12 people and the Guidetti trademark is distributed to 1200 locations in France.
* the most part of production is made, developed and assembled in France

  • Guidetti R-Light Carbon compact
  • Guidetti Autolight
  • Guidetti B-Light Carbon
  • Guidetti F-Light Carbon
  • Guidetti B-Light Carbon Griper
  • Guidetti G-Light Alu
  • Guidetti F-Light Alu
  • Guidetti Terre de Trek Carbon Bamboo Compact
  • Guidetti Cane Terre de Trek
  • Guidetti EXPLORE Alu
  • Guidetti EXPLORE Carbon
  • Guidetti PLUME 2-part
  • Guidetti Arc
  • Guidetti Detachable Goves
  • Guidetti Detachable Mitts - fingerless gloves
  • Guidetti Conical tip 80 (tungsten ferrule)
  • Guidetti Rondelle basket
  • Guidetti Light nordic removable strap
  • Guidetti Conical tip protector
  • Guidetti Viper Tip Protectors